Servicing Company

The legal regulations governing the securitization of real estates by means of special purpose vehicles provide for allocation of the functions in this process between specialized institutions – servicing companies, depository bank, real estate appraisers, etc.

Under the SPVA, the activity of Agro Finance REIT is carried out by contracts with specialized companies (servicing companies). The servicing company of Agro Finance REIT is Agro Finance Consult EOOD. The Servicing Company assist the operation of Agro Finance REIT by:

  • Preparation of surveys and analyses, forecasts and assessments of the state of the real estate market in the county and proposals for the purchase of title over agricultural lands, as well as development of a strategy for subsequent administration or disposal of those lands.
  • Condition Analysis of the real estates which Agro Finance REIT possesses or intend to acquire and preparation of a subsequent management strategy or disposal of these properties (estates).
  • Preparation of proposals and changes in the investment objectives and the limitations in the investment activity and/ or the type of real estates for securitization
  • Working out of analyses, forecasts and assessments about the state of the financial resource market and proposals on specific form of financing the REIT’s operation.
  • Drawing up analyses and proposals about changes and replacements in the sources of the REIT’s operation financing.

In the performance of the activities and services as servicing company to Agro Finance REIT, Agro Finance Consult EOOD rely on specialists in the filed of landed property transactions, including acquisition, sale or renting out, as well as on experts in the accounting and legal servicing. The organizational structure of the company includes financial-accounting department, legal department, expert teams for work on the individual projects and department for agricultural land market analysis.

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